Sermons are an integral part of our worship services.

Our Sunday worship services are recorded and available either:

2019 Sermons

For those of you who requested a copy of the Sunday March 24, 2019 sermon by James C. Davis, it is posted on James’ website ( under the title “Holy Way on Hate.” Click here to find it.

Some of Rev. Andy Nagy-Benson’s past sermons:

02.25.2018 – “Thoughts and Prayers” video and text  

10.01.2017 – “Hello? God? Are you home?”  
03.16.2017 – “Walk Lightly”  
02.19.2017 – “Tough Love” 
01.29. 2017 – “America, the Beatitudes”  

11.13.2016 – “Loss. Grief. Hope. Action”