2014Oct CROP WalkIn the spirit of acting locally, service to others within our community is an essential part of our congregation’s ministry.

  • Free community meals are served in our facilities throughout the year.
  • We actively support Church World Services CROP Hunger Walk every October to raise money to help end hunger globally and locally.
  • We encourage and gather contributions to the local Food Shelf every Sunday, especially on the last Sunday the month.
  • We have dedicated a large portion of our facility, the Charter House for a winter emergency shelter; and and have helped set in motion the Farm to Plate program at local community gardens.
  • Our congregation founded Charter House Coalition (CHC) in 2005 and continues to host and support its programs. CHC’s work has a dual focus: Food and Housing. Click here for more information about Charter House Coalition. 

These programs, generously supported by members of the wider community, continue to change lives and expand the definitions of “neighbor” and “community.” Since these programs depend on many volunteers for their success, we encourage involvement not only by church members but also by folks from the wider community.